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Grand Piano



To maintain the health of your piano so it functions and sounds it’s best, your piano should be tuned every 6 months. Your piano goes out of tune because of changes in humidity. Northern Virginian homes experience major humidity swings as high as 65% relative humidity in summer and as low as 20% in the winter. Pianos thrive in 40%-60% relative humidity. I charge $195 for a tuning. 

Pitch Correction

If you haven’t had your piano tuned in several years, or it’s been subject to drastic humidity changes, the overall pitch of the piano has likely dropped significantly. Correcting the pitch requires a two-pass tuning. The first pass adjusts the strings back to their average tension levels and gets it close to pitch. The second pass stabilizes the pitch and allows for a more precise fine tuning. This takes about 3 hours. A second tuning in two or three months is commonly recommended to further stabilize the piano. Once the piano is in stable condition, it can be tuned regularly every 6 months.


Is a key sticking? Maybe there is an annoying buzz or rattle? Or perhaps a key doesn’t repeat like it should. Mention the issues you are having to me during a service call and I’ll fix the problem. 


Dust and grime inside your piano cause sticky keys, unwanted noises, tuning instability, and many other problems. Cleaning your piano not only maintains the exterior, but also keeps your piano in optimal performance. Ask me about this important service.


The interior of your piano has something called an "action" which has thousands of moving parts that work together. As the wood, felt, and leather compress in your piano, the touch of your piano becomes less responsive. Your action needs to be adjusted from time to time to keep your piano playing in optimal condition. 

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Buying a piano is tricky. The piano you buy might be in your price range, but it may not perform to your expectations and end up costing you more money in the end. I will inspect the piano, give you my professional assessment on its condition, and discuss with you whether you should purchase it.

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